Site Backup

Running your own version of NostalgiaEQ Wiki is not hard!

Download current NostalgiaEQ Wiki

Did you make a page on the wiki and want to save the whole wiki right away? Make sure you are logged in (password: neq), and click the "Site Dump" link on the left side bar. It will be in tar.gz and you should be able to open it with a zip program like 7zip. This will not contain the very base folder which can be found from the archive below and you can just replace the contents of "wiki" folder from the github archive with these.

Download NostalgiaEQ Wiki from Archive

Simply click the "Github Archive" link on the left sidebar. There you can clone (which can pull updates online) or download the current dump. This is updated every time I run a push from the webserver and will not include your recent edits (see above if you want everything).

This is the website 100% in full. The contents of htdocs would be placed into the htdocs folder (sometimes also called 'www') of an Apache web server (like XAMPP, WAMP, or Abyss).

Getting things looking right

You will need to modify the local/config.php file to point to the correct domains. Currently it is set to for everything but this will need to be changed to a domain you are running or locally with the guide below. Also if you are using https you need to change that part of the URL as well.

Host locally without a server

Go through this guide to host it locally without a server: Standalone PmWiki

Server Hosting

If you want to host a server this guide works (note: you do not need to use a usb drive, the guide will give you the info you need to do a normal install too).