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Logins need a sha-1 hashing of the password here is a hash generator

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This might not be the best thing to use for trilogy client as this version of the server has trouble with mob movement. See Trilogy server for a more up to date version that uses its own different db.

From erfg12:

This source is based off EQEmu 4.4. The code itself really needs the most work. But the DB is I believe from the TAK Project, so around POK era. The DB would need the NPCs and items refined to the Velious era.

In the readme file there's a link http://erfg12.github.io/EQClassic/ which has a direct link to a database dump that I did earlier today. But we could do a code repo for it I suppose.

Because this code is based off 4.4 I would really like to get this project working: https://github.com/erfg12/Trilogy It's EQMacEmu's code which I forked and tried adding all the op codes for EQClassic, but it still has issues. It's much closer to current day EQEmu and therefore doesn't have all the bugs or NPC move quirks that Yeahlight started developing.

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