If you get "missing C compiler"/"missing cxx compiler" then you need to modify your visual studio installation and add "universal windows app development tools" [1].

Getting old Visual studio versions

I figured out how to do it. I post the solution in case someone else has the same problem.
You just need to access and If you get the same message than me, just join to the Visual Studio Dev Essentials (in the same page is a link to do it), it is free, and then you can download older versions of Visual Studio.


Compilation Guide [3]

This is a Guide on how to make changes to the server source code if you are using a server created with Akka's installer.

What we are doing is using a source code folder for a server and change the code then remake the executables and replace the executables in our current server folder with the new executables that were made with our code edits included.

Make sure you have Git, if not download it online and install it.

Get a server source folder using Git

Copy the line in the link above that says "git clone..." and paste it into your command prompt and hit enter.

This will get a server source folder and place the server folder in whatever directory is listed in your command prompt. As of right now this server is 32 bit so we will need to use 32 bit (x86) dependencies

Next we need to get dependencies and place them in the "dependencies" folder in the server folder we just got. Get the x86 dependencies and copy them all into the dependencies folder in the server folder. Step 4b in the link below

Now make a copy of this server folder and save it in a safe place.

<<<Now make any changes to the server source code you want in the server folder then proceed>>>

Now our server folder is ready to build and compile we just need to make sure we have all the software needed. Install CMake. Perl and Visual studio community should be installed from Akka's installer. If visual studio is expired register for free to allow it to work.

Get the latest Cmake .msi file below (msi is easiest to install)

Now open up Cmake and click the "browse source" button on the right and choose the server folder. Click "browse build" and choose a new folder you create on the desktop or wherever.

Hit configure.

One its done it should say completed and a bunch of red stuff on the screen. Make sure to add a checkmark to the EQEMU_BUILD_LOGIN to make it make a login server.

Now hit generate.

Now the folder on the desktop will be filled with lots of files. Find EQEmu.sln and double click it. Now it will open visual studio. Let it finish loading things on the bottom of the screen. Click "Build" tab on the top of the screen and click "Build Solution".

It will load through lots of stuff for several minutes. When it is finished it should say 13 succeeded, 0 failed and 1 skipped. As long as 0 failed you should be good.

Now go back into that folder on your desktop. Now in the Bin->debug folder you have some executables that visual studio created. Now copy all those files and paste them into the original eqemuserver folder that was created while going through Akka's installer (make a copy of the eqemuserver folder before you modify it just in case). Now your server is using your edited source code!

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